Creating a Cozy and Inspiring Co-Working Space: Interior Design at Flexible Office Center Marne la Vallée

Flexible Office Center Marne la Vallée, located in Paris, France, is a multifunctional co-working space spanning two floors and a total of 4,000 sq. m. This project aimed to develop various zones, including a lobby with a billiards area, bar area, lounge area with a relax zone, and a coffee lounge. The primary objective was to design a creative and bright interior that would foster productivity and inspire innovative work. By carefully considering elements such as wall decoration, landscaping, furniture, color schemes, and natural light, the interior design team successfully created a comfortable and stimulating atmosphere.

Creating a Cosy Ambience

In the bar area of the co-working space, the designers drew inspiration from the charming French brasserie style. The combination of various textures and intricate patterns added depth and warmth to the room, reminiscent of a cozy home office. To achieve this effect, a range of furniture styles were employed, including upholstered chairs, wicker chairs, and bar stools. The centerpiece of the bar area is a mix of concrete and wallpaper adorned with natural motifs, showcasing a harmonious blend of modern and traditional elements.

Thoughtful Color Palette

The selection of colors played a vital role in creating a chamber-like atmosphere within the co-working space. Deep and dense hues were chosen as the base, creating an intimate ambiance. Bright accents were strategically incorporated to add pops of color and liveliness to the environment. Abundant greenery and wood elements were introduced to infuse the space with a sense of natural serenity, promoting a harmonious connection to the outdoors.


Where: France, Paris

When: 2022

Who: Interior architecture & design by Ohra Studio

Category: Сorporate interior design

For whom: Workways

Status: Completed


Attention to Detail

The interior design team meticulously curated the decorative elements of the co-working space. Wall decorations, such as art objects and installations, added personality and character to the overall design. Bookshelves were incorporated, providing functional storage and an opportunity for members to showcase their personal interests and collections. Acoustic panels were intelligently placed to enhance sound quality and reduce noise distractions, ensuring a conducive environment for focused work.

Harnessing Natural Light

One of the essential aspects of the interior design at Flexible Office Center Marne la Vallée was the use of natural light. Panoramic windows were utilized to flood the space with sunlight, creating a bright and airy ambiance. The abundance of natural light not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the well-being and productivity of individuals working within the co-working space.


A Cozy and Collaborative Space

Through a thoughtful combination of decorative elements, carefully selected color schemes, and a focus on natural light, the interior design team successfully created a cozy co-working space at Flexible Office Center Marne la Vallée. The aim was to provide individuals who appreciate a relaxed environment with a place that fosters collaboration and creativity. This beautifully designed space allows members to find inspiration, engage in productive work, and experience the comfort of a home office within a professional setting.


The interior design of the co-working space at Flexible Office Center Marne la Vallée in Paris, France, demonstrates the careful consideration and attention to detail that went into creating a comfortable and inspiring environment. By combining elements of the French brasserie style with cozy textures, an inviting color palette, and an abundance of natural light, the designers achieved their goal of fostering creativity and collaboration. Whether it’s the lounge area, bar, or the overall atmosphere of the space, this co-working center offers a delightful balance of functionality, comfort, and style for individuals seeking a relaxed and productive work environment.



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Kateryna Senko

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