Founder and Architectural & Interior designer

Boasting over a decade of dedicated experience as an interior designer, Zlata has carved a prominent niche within the architectural and design realm. Commencing her journey in 2014, she established her first architectural agency in Brussels, setting the stage for her illustrious career.

In 2020, Zlata strategically relocated her interior design studio to London, a city synonymous with creativity and innovation. This move positioned her at the forefront of interior design, enabling her to seamlessly orchestrate captivating spaces in the heart of London.

Today, based in London, Zlata's expertise spans across diverse domains, encompassing everything from home and hotel design to office and hospitality interior design. Her meticulous eye for detail, combined with an innate ability to create bespoke solutions, forms the foundation of her practice.

With a distinguished presence in the realm of interior decoration, Zlata is renowned for crafting timeless residential havens and luxurious hotel spaces that exude charm. Her commercial acumen and creative finesse intertwine seamlessly, resulting in office and hospitality designs that seamlessly blend functionality and aesthetics.

Zlata's affiliation as an honoured member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) and the Society of British and International Design (SBID) underscores her unwavering commitment to excellence. Her journey as an architect, entrepreneur, and interior design virtuoso reflects a profound belief in the power of design to transform environments and lives. Guided by an evergreen attitude, she infuses each project with boundless energy, passion, and creativity.


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  • British Institute of Interior Design

    This prestigious recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards.

  • Society of British & International Interior Design

    As an accredited entity by both esteemed institutions, we ensure top-tier interior design services, blending innovation with professionalism.



Unique Style in interior design

Our design philosophy revolves around the seamless fusion of minimalistic luxury with timeless midcentury environments. We believe that by combining these elements, we create spaces that exude elegance, sophistication, and a sense of timelessness. Our team of experienced designers is adept at capturing the essence of these styles and translating them into stunning interiors that truly stand out.

We transform spaces with minimalist luxury and midcentury charm. Expert interior designers crafting elegant, timeless interiors for luxury homes, hospitality, and offices.

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Client-Oriented Approach in every design project

We place immense importance on understanding and fulfilling the unique needs and preferences of our clients. Our team actively engages in in-depth consultations and listens attentively to your vision, requirements, and ideas. By forging strong partnerships with our clients, we ensure that every project reflects their personality, lifestyle, and aspirations.

Elevating spaces through bespoke interior design. Our expert interior designers collaborate closely, translating visions into captivating home and hospitality interiors. Your aspirations, our creation.

Cutting-Edge 3D

Cutting-Edge 3D Technology in interior design

We embrace the power of technology to enhance our design and project development processes. By utilising advanced 3D software tools, we are able to create highly detailed and realistic visual representations of the future space. These 3D models not only provide an immersive preview but can also serve as digital twins, allowing to visualize the design and make informed decisions before implementation. This technology-driven approach ensures precision, efficiency, and the ability to iterate quickly, ultimately saving time and resources.

Cutting-Edge 3D2

Versatile Applications 
of Digital Twin

The 3D models we create have the potential to serve various purposes beyond visualization. They can be used as digital twins for simulation, analysis, and planning. Whether it's exploring different lighting scenarios, assessing space utilization, or optimizing energy efficiency, the digital twin provides a powerful tool for informed decision-making and efficient space management.


Publications & Awards

Brand ohra

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    Build 2022 Architecture Awards

    Most Innovative Luxury 
Interior Design Studio in UK

  • 2022

    Saint Alliance Luxury 
Apartments in Ukkel

    Isabelle Lomholt
  • 2022
    Livingetc Editor

    25 modern bedroom ideas for a sleep space that's contemporary yet cozy

    Oonagh Turner
  • 2023
    Amazing Architecture

    Villa Myrtille in Ukkel, Brussel, 
Belgium by Ohra Studio

    Naser Nader Ibrahim
  • 2023
    Oslo + Baker

    Minimalist Interior Design: 
Why Less Is More

    Curtis Halligan
  • 2023
    Living Space

    Villa Senegal by Ohra Studio is a Sophisticated, Luxury Courtyard Home

    Johnson Michael Temidayo
  • 2023

    Villa Myrtille 
by Ohra Studio

    Andrea Santarelli
  • 2023
    Office Snapshots

    Hive5 Coworking 
Offices – Brussels

    Justine Wieland
  • 2023

    Wadham Gardens 
by Ohra Studio

    Jacques ALLARD
  • 2023
    India Art n Design

    Where Style meets Function!

  • Society of British & International Interior Design Award

    CGI & Visualisation-Europe Regional Category Winner for the project Tavertet Hotel

  • My House Idear

    Small duplex apartment in Brussels by Ohra Studio

Our team

  • Anastasiia Nizova Managing Director
  • Aleksandr Nikolaev FF&E Procurement Manager
  • Mariana Kukuruza Head of Production
  • Mariia Rubanenko Finance Manager
  • Interior Designer
    Ruslana Interior Designer