A Captivating Family Villa Immersed in Nature’s Embrace

Prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary family villa, meticulously designed to embrace and celebrate the beauty of its lush natural surroundings. From the impressive north facade to the thoughtfully arranged living spaces, every aspect of this villa has been carefully crafted to provide an elevated living experience.

A Striking Entryway to Enchant Guests

The villa’s north facade presents a truly mesmerizing sight—a sculptural entryway that commands attention and invites guests to explore the wonders within. With its striking design, this entryway sets the tone for the captivating experience that awaits inside the villa.

Thoughtful Layout for Convenience and Privacy

One of the remarkable features of this villa is its clever arrangement of all living spaces on a single level, ensuring easy navigation and convenience. However, the master suite, reserved for ultimate privacy and seclusion, has been discreetly positioned away from the other areas. Here, guests can indulge in their own personal haven, shielded from the prying eyes of others.

A Symphony of Light, Views, and Connections

Large glazed windows grace the villa, allowing abundant natural light to flood the interiors and framing breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. These windows serve a dual purpose, not only illuminating the space but also forging a strong visual connection between the various sections of the villa. As a result, the villa seamlessly merges nature and architecture, creating a harmonious and immersive living experience.


Where: Belgium, Brussels

When: 2022

Who: Interior design by Ohra Studio

Category: Residential interior design

Project area: 300 m2

For whom: PDO Myrtille

Status: Completed

Architectural design: Zlata Rybchenko Architect

Realisation: by Eric Staner Architect

Interior design: Ohra Studio

Stability Engineer BST: Bureau d’Etude

Special Technical Engineer: Walking Engineering


The Enchanting Central Avenue

An internal “central avenue” unifies the different spaces of the villa, ensuring a seamless flow throughout. This unique feature connects each area in a cohesive manner, enhancing the villa’s sense of unity and providing a delightful journey of discovery within its walls. The central avenue adds to the allure of the villa, transforming it into a box of secrets waiting to be explored.

A Masterpiece of Design and Tranquility

This villa is a true masterpiece, skillfully blending nature and architecture into a cohesive whole. Its protective street facade creates an air of intrigue and mystery, while the enchanting entryway beckons visitors into a world of tranquility. With its terrace vibes and intelligently arranged living spaces, the villa offers the perfect sanctuary for a private and serene lifestyle.



Zlata Rybchenko

Kateryna Senko

Olena Kozhukhar

Lera Syzonenko