Project Marne la Vallee B: Creating Flexible and Sustainable Offices

Welcome to Project Marne la Vallee B, an extraordinary venture undertaken by Ohra Studio in partnership with Workways. Our objective is to deliver flexible offices to our clients with a carbon-neutral ecological impact, striking a harmonious balance between productivity and environmental responsibility.

High-Quality Common Areas

At Project Marne la Vallee B, we have meticulously designed high-quality common areas to encourage effective communication and enhance the well-being of our clients’ staff members. Step into our building and immerse yourself in a captivating coffee lounge where colleagues can gather for invigorating conversations. Unleash your creativity in the dedicated creative room or unwind after a long day at our fully stocked bar. Our meeting room offers a professional and sophisticated space for important discussions, while the game room provides a delightful retreat during breaks. Stay active and rejuvenate in our fitness room or find serenity on our inviting terraces. Additionally, our chill zone and phone booths cater to diverse needs, ensuring a comfortable and conducive environment for every individual.

Surrounded by Nature

Nestled on the outskirts of urban areas, Project Marne la Vallee B enjoys a serene location that offers numerous advantages to our clients. The expansive space surrounding our building allows for larger workspaces, ensuring ample room for your team to thrive. The lush greenery that envelops the premises creates a revitalizing atmosphere, promoting a sense of tranquility and well-being. Moreover, we provide generous parking facilities to accommodate the needs of our clients. All these features seamlessly come together to provide an exceptional working environment that combines the beauty of nature with functional spaces, all at highly competitive prices.


Where: France, Paris

When: 2023

Who: Interior architecture & design by Ohra Studio

Category: Сorporate interior design

For whom: Workways

Status: Under construction


Commitment to Sustainability

At Ohra Studio and Workways, we hold a deep-rooted commitment to environmental sustainability. Our practices are a testament to our dedication to reducing our ecological footprint and preserving our planet. Here are the key sustainable practices implemented at Project Marne la Vallee B.

Use of Renewable Materials

We prioritize the utilization of renewable materials throughout the construction process. Our aim is to minimize the use of plastic materials, with exceptions made when the plastic originates from a recycling process. Extensive use of FSC-certified wood ensures the incorporation of ethically sourced materials. We also employ organic paints and oils, further contributing to a healthier indoor environment. To enhance sustainability, we incorporate cork flooring or carpets made from recycled plastics, promoting efficient resource utilization.


Waste Management

We approach waste management with utmost seriousness, implementing efficient systems to minimize waste generation and maximize recycling. Through effective waste separation and responsible disposal practices, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a circular economy.

Carbon-Neutral Heating and Cooling

In our fight against climate change, Project Marne la Vallee B eliminates the use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling purposes. Instead, we employ heat pumps combined with green electricity contracts, providing sustainable and energy-efficient solutions. This transition significantly reduces carbon emissions, ensuring a comfortable working environment without compromising the health of our planet.

Tailored Offices for Enhanced Productivity

The private offices and coworking spaces at Project Marne la Vallee B are meticulously designed to cater to a wide range of needs. Spanning from 20 to 350 square meters, these spaces offer flexibility and versatility. Our flexible office mode decorates and pre-equips the workspaces in a manner that allows for unassigned workstations, promoting collaboration and a sense of shared community. For larger spaces, we work closely with our clients to create personalized layouts that align with their unique requirements. Private meeting rooms, phone booths, coffee corners, and other amenities can be incorporated to ensure a tailored space that precisely caters to the specific needs of each business.


Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment

At Project Marne la Vallee B, our guiding principle is to foster a coworking spirit within private workspaces. We understand the significance of collaboration and camaraderie among colleagues. Our private coworking spaces, affectionately referred to as “workhomes,” offer a harmonious blend of open and closed, individual and collaborative areas. Equipped with cutting-edge digital tools specific to each space, our workhomes enable seamless transitions between focused work and spontaneous interactions. Additionally, strategically placed coffee stations serve as social hubs, encouraging networking and informal exchanges among professionals. By creating a vibrant and dynamic community within our premises, we enhance productivity and nurture valuable professional relationships.


Project Marne la Vallee B by Ohra Studio in collaboration with Workways presents a unique opportunity to redefine the way we work. Our flexible and sustainable office spaces provide an exceptional environment that supports productivity, fosters collaboration, and upholds our commitment to the environment. With meticulously designed high-quality common areas, a serene location surrounded by nature, and a deep-rooted commitment to sustainability, we strive to create an unparalleled experience for our clients. Choose Project Marne la Vallee B for flexible offices that surpass expectations and help you thrive in a sustainable and inspiring work environment.



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