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Embracing the Essence of Ibiza: A Stylish and Serene Villa Retreat

Welcome to an extraordinary transformation of a remarkable villa in Ibiza, where Ohra Studio has collaborated closely with the architect to create a haven of relaxation and tranquility. Our interior design journey aimed to capture the unique charm of the island and infuse the space with unobtrusive luxury, showcasing the distinctive style that defines Ohra Studio. Join us as we explore the key elements that make this Ibiza villa an embodiment of elegance and serenity.


A Majestic Setting

Perched on an exceptional location, this villa spans two floors, seamlessly blending with the natural terrain. Each room has been thoughtfully designed to integrate with the surrounding landscape, offering breathtaking views of the pool terrace and the azure sea beyond. However, it is the magnificent upper volume that houses the communal areas and reception, elevating the villa to new heights of grandeur.


Unveiling Unobtrusive Luxury

Our main concept for this villa was to create an interior that exudes relaxation and lightness, while staying true to the signature style of Ohra Studio. We wanted to design an environment that effortlessly combines elegance and comfort, showcasing decorative objects and materials synonymous with the allure of Ibiza.


A Captivating Entrance

As guests enter the villa, they are greeted by an enchanting entrance area that seamlessly combines the reception, lounge, and the wine bar “wine and tapas.” This space has been designed to foster social interaction as well as moments of solitude. A beautifully appointed bar with comfortable seating, a large communal table, and a lounge area invite guests to unwind and connect. To highlight the impressive wine collection, an open rack is strategically placed within the area. The focal point of the lobby is a magnificent staircase, offering glimpses of the lush plants on the ground floor, adding a touch of drama to the space.

Where: Spain, Ibiza

When: 2022

Who: Interior architechture & design by Ohra Studio

Category: hospitality interior design

Project area: 2.000 m2

For whom: private client

Status: Under construction


Harmonious Design Elements

The reception desk and bar area within the villa exude a captivating contrast, combining different finishing materials. The base of the reception desk is adorned with stone veneer, while the tabletop boasts a polished brass finish. This juxtaposition creates a visually striking and sophisticated focal point, reflecting the unique character of the villa.


Inspired by the Island’s Flora and Fauna

Drawing inspiration from Ibiza’s hot climate and natural beauty, the interior design of the villa reflects the vibrant flora and fauna that define the island. The elongated and narrow shape of the rooms posed a challenge, requiring thoughtful division and organization of the space. Our aim was to maintain a sense of airiness and flow while ensuring a logical and harmonious arrangement of zones.

A Serene Color Palette

To embrace the abundant natural light and create an atmosphere of serenity, we carefully selected a light and warm color palette. Subtle nuances and delicate accents, such as patterns on the carpets and decorative cushions, add depth and character to the interior. The overall effect is one of understated elegance and tranquility, inviting guests to relax and unwind.


Embracing Natural Materials

In our quest to create an authentic Ibiza experience, we incorporated a variety of natural materials throughout the villa. Clay plaster, wood, and natural stone infuse the space with organic textures and earthy aesthetics. Soft textiles, particularly linen, add a touch of warmth and comfort, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the relaxed island lifestyle.


The transformation of this Ibiza villa into a stylish and serene retreat showcases the essence of the island’s allure. With unobtrusive luxury, thoughtful design elements, and a palette inspired by the surroundings, Ohra Studio has created a haven where guests can immerse themselves in the captivating beauty and tranquil ambiance of Ibiza.


Zlata Rybchenko

Kateryna Senko

Olena Kozhukhar

Lera Syzonenko

Leila Atabalova

Kate Shumihina